Chronological Format

Reverse-Chronological Resume Format
The Chronological Resume Format (or Reverse-Chronological) is the most common resume format and the one you have probably come across before. The name is long, but the premise is simple: list all your jobs in chronological order, ordered from most recent to oldest.

To capitalise on this type of layout, make sure you include the following details for each job:

Job title.
Organisation name.
Location (if relevant).

This format is suitable for jobseekers at all levels, and anyone who can answer “Yes!” to these questions:

Do you have a solid, consistent career history?
Have you progressed upwardly in your career?
Are you applying for a job that aligns with your past career experience?
Have you spent a long time at your previous jobs?
As popular as the reverse-chronological format is, it is not a one size fits all solution. You might want to give it a miss if:

Your career history is pot-holed with gaps.
You switch jobs often or hold roles for short periods before moving on.
You are applying for a job in an industry that has no similarity to your current role.

Click here for a Chronological Resume format sample

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