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write like a pro’ resume writing course

Gold Package $19USD

This course unravels the secrets of professional resume writers and presents them in an easy to follow email course.

You will learn:

  • What recruiters really look for when reading a resume and why that’s so important to you?
  • How to draw from your experiences to answer that one burning question all recruiters ask when reading a resume and that question is “WIIFM?”
  • How to present your resume in a way that gets the attention of a potential employer.
  • And learn how to write powerful resumes for yourself, family and friends. And if you like, you can also use it as the basis to start your own resume writing business.

Plus, once you learn the ‘who, where, why and how’ of writing a targeted resume, I go one step further and walk you through the ‘actual’ process from start to finish.

This course is at the heart of what I do and I am sure it will set you in good stead for the future.

Platinum Package $79USD

What you get:

  1. You get the Gold package (please see above) which is the cornerstone of this course.
  2. I will review your final draft and offer my thoughts and recommendations to help refine your resume.
  3. You will also get access to the questionnaire I developed to discover my clients’ hidden strengths and abilities.
  4. Plus, you will get free access to me personally via email for a full month from purchase.
  5. And professional samples to inspire you.

BONUS: Helpful job search and interview advice.

Accessible and flexible, all you need to sign up, enrol and complete this course is:

  • a computer
  • internet connection
  • Microsoft Word
  • motivation and ambition

Designed with your convenience in mind, this course can be adapted to fit around any schedule, whether it be the working hours for your current job or all-important family commitments and responsibilities.

This resume writing course is built upon the expertise of the world’s best professional resume writers and recruitment specialists. Their vast industry knowledge and experience has been boiled down and distilled into a course that gives the unique opportunity to benefit from their wisdom.

You will learn how to structure, format, and stylise a professional grade resume so it has maximum impact.

At the first phase of the recruitment process, many recruiters now use computer software to scan through hundreds of resumes and select the most desirable applicants.

For your resume to make the cut and successfully pass this vital first step, it is critical you know precisely what these scanning programs are looking for. This resume writing course will teach you exactly that.

why is it so important to learn how TO WRITE your RESUME like a pro?

You may ask yourself, “what do I get out of this?”.

Learning how to write your resume professionally will benefit not only you as an individual, but others also if you wanted to write professional resumes for a living.

A Step ahead of the rest

Learning how to write your resume will help boost your value in the jobs market and increase your chances of getting hired.

Whether your primary goal is professional growth, career progression or career change, knowing how to write a professional resume will give you a significant and decisive advantage. Especially if you are in an industry where frequent job changes are par for the course.

Client Testimonials

” Well I must say I am very impressed Sharron. Great job and many thanks.”
– L Stratford, VIC

A Lifelong skill that will save you money

Knowing how to write your resume is a lifelong skill that will ALWAYS be of value. It is something you can use for the entirety of your working life.

For as long as you are in the job market, understanding how to showcase your talents and demonstrate your suitability for any role is a skill that will always be something you can use.

It will also save you thousands of dollars in fees that would otherwise be spent on paying other professional resume writers to do the work for you.

Share the benefits with FAMILY, FRIENDS & PEERS

You will also be able to use the skills learnt in this resume writing course to help your family and friends with their job applications and searches. Maybe you have children who are just entering the world of work after college and making their critical first steps on the career ladder.

Or perhaps you recently left university and you want to learn how to write your resume yourself and also your friends too who, like you, are entering the job market for the first time.

MAKE money

Last but not least, learning how to write a resume professionally can set you up with an alternative income stream. It provides an opportunity for you to supplement your income, or even start a new career altogether as a professional resume writer.

If you want to master the art of creating professional resumes that are compelling, effective and successful, and also want to enjoy all the benefits that this skill can offer, select one of the above options to achieve your goals.