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Interested in hiring resume writing services? There are a few parameters that your chosen professional resume writer must be able to work within.

Real resume writing services will know how to:

  • Pass the scrutiny of ATS software sometimes used to filter out “undesirables”. Note that not every company uses this software but why risk it. If you are serious about getting that job you want, hire a writer who considers this.
  • Attract the human readers’ attention within seconds via an attractive layout, format, and placement.
  • Answer the recruiter/employers most important question and that is “What’s in it for me?”, “Why should I hire you above all the others?” and “What makes you so special?” or “What do you bring to the role?”.
  • Target all the right keywords and phrases as outlined in the job description and where best to place them.

If they ask you if you want to add your photograph to your resume, hang up.
Unless you are a model or in service (or similar) you probably don’t need one. 


Other areas not mentioned are things like how they approach proofreading. Ask them:

  • How many times do you check the document from top to bottom? Is it once, is it twice, is it three times? Hint: if it is less than three times, they are out.
  • What do they look for and how? Do they check grammar, spelling, and readability? Does it make sense? Does it hit all the markers the employer expects using the right keywords? Does it target the role being offered?
  • Do they let it rest and recheck it with fresh eyes?

Is it a quick flick through with the spellchecker? Sorry but that is simply not going to cut it.

And that brings me to another red flag. If their fees are cheap, they have not spent the time to do the best job they possibly can. If you are serious about the job, you better get serious about the costs as well.

And finally – do they know how to write in a succinct, concise, and compelling manner? After all, the recruiter does not want to wade through pages of endless waffle – your resume to wind up in the bin. Get to the point but do it in a way that promotes you in the best way possible.

Our Resume Writing Services

There will be a telephone consultation so it is important that you complete our questionnaire and provide a job description of the desired role.

Once we have received all the necessary information as well as proof of payment, all packages require five days or less to complete.

  • You will receive a comprehensive resume that targets the desired role.
  • A targeted cover letter, a requirement of many job applications.
  • Up to three rounds of amendments during the 5 days.

How will a brilliant resume change your life? Where will your career lead you?

Just imagine…

Break free of the shackles of your current job (or unemployment) and work closely with a professional who knows how to promote your strengths and minimise the weaknesses. Dig deep, providing as much information as possible about your work history and career aspirations and together we can make sure your resume covers all the bases.

Ready to realise your career goals, your dream income and lifestyle? Great, then I am ready to help you. Contact my resume writing services via:

My contact page on my website
Resume29 Facebook page

J Green…

“Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. Anyway, just thought I would drop you a line and give you some feedback. The resume and cover letter worked fantastic! I got the job I was after over a phone interview while abroad in China. Must have been a good resume. Thanks again.”

*Please be mindful that the process from start to finish takes time and as a result, I may be busy with other clients. I am working hard to build a team of professionals to help more people but in the meantime, please book ahead.

Thank you for visiting my Resume Writing Services page and I look forward to working with you to provide the best resume possible!  Feel free to return to my homepage for more information.

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