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Thank you for visiting my resume sample list.

Over the years, I have often been asked by clients to share my resume sample list with them, but because of privacy reasons I could not. This got me thinking about how I could provide this service without infringing on the rights of my clients.

I must admit that I kept putting it off, knowing what a mammoth task it would be to remove all references to ‘real’ people and situations. Finally, however, I relented and with the help of a few colleagues who allowed me the use of their own samples, and some of my more popular resumes, the following list resulted.

Please note that I have split the list in two to make them more manageable as I add more samples. Visit my  free resume sample list LZ  if you need a sample beginning with those letters.


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  • Administrative assistant  resume sample
  • Account Executive Resume sample
  • Accountant  resume sample
  • Acting  resume sample
  • Architect  resume sample
  • Attorney  resume sample
  • Banking  resume sample
  • Bartender resume sample
  • Builder  resume
  • Business analyst  resume samples
  • Business  resume sample
  • Cashier resume sample
  • Chef Resume Sample
  • Civil Engineer Resume
  • Clerk  resume sample
  • Construction  resume sample
  • Content Writer resume sample
  • Customer service  resume sample
  • Data entry  resume sample
  • Dental assistant  resume sample
  • Editor resume sample
  • Electrical Engineer resume
  • Electrical technician  resume sample
  • Engineer  resume sample
  • Executive Assistant resume
  • Executive resume samples
  • Executive Secretary resume
  • Graphic Designer Resume sample
  • HR Executive resume
  • Internship  resume sample
  • IT resume sample
  • IT Manager resume sample

Client Testimonials

” Sharron, I got the job. Yee-ha! Thanks for your part in enabling me to submit a worthy resume and covering letter.”
– B. Davis, VIC


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Thanks for visiting my resume sample list.

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